Friday, July 6, 2012

My first gradient manicure!

Hello peeps! I manage to blinded my beloved BB. It jumped off my bed and now the screen is just dead although I can receive calls. OK, let's skip the emo drama.

It's Friday already! I can't wait to do my nails tomorrow with the same method, because for once, my boyfie actually liked it! Woot!

Here's my first ever ombre manicure! I actually wanted to blog about my RM294 worth of polishes that I got in a sale but I'll leave my crazy purchases for another post. Hushhh, mummy doesn't know!

Here's my base of Nubar Gem, in a very crappy pic, since I didn't have my camera, my bb is blinded and I only had my iPod with me. Apple, your camera suxxors! No wonder there's instagram!

This is Nubar Gem, outdoors, full sunlight. Pictured here is 3 coats, no basecoat, no topcoat. It dries gritty so a thick topcoat is good. You can even see its holo goodness indoors, under artificial lighting.

Another crappy shot under sunlight.

Under my toilet's light, the base shows a little purply-taupe. Err, I can't describe but it wasn't love at first sight when I laid eyes on it. Not even my first look at Scrangie's swatch could make me love it but it's growing on me :)

Here is my ombre manicure!
This was taken at night, under fluorescent lighting, without flash. With one layer of OPI Top Coat.

With flash. This is more true to color but you can see under my pinky, I forgot to clean up before I took this pic. Eek, sorry!

And since there are a million other blogs who do better tutorials than me, I shall skip all the grandmother stories. Below is a list of what i used:

Base: Nubar Gem (my previous manicure)
Middle: Skin Food Nail Vita in BR611
Tips: Suki #94 (from sasa)
Makeup sponge from Daiso (one pack of 10 pcs for RM5)
A sheet of plastic
A toothpick, which I stopped using after the second nail

Next time I'll take a pic of the items I used kay?

Summary: It was super easy to do, especially with the sponge. Jelly finishes will be easier for beginner (I am one!) as one-coater nail polishes will be hard to correct if you sponged too high up. That's what happened with my index and pinky. So yes, I will do it again, but not with holographic polishes. They dry too quickly for my liking.

Thanks for looking!

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