Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nail polish haul!

Ohhh, I'm such a horrible blogger. I bought these on 1st July and I only blogged about them now!

The Nubar and Essie supplier near my office had a sale a couple of weeks back and I couldn't resist the discounts of up to 50% that were advertised on the street banners along the streets and ended up with all these beauties below.

Essie (50% off):
Tennis Corset (discontinued) and No More Eilm from the Resort 2012 Collection (RM29 each). However, I'm a little upset with the Resort 2012 Collection. It's 13.5ml (0.46oz), compared to the older bottles, which were 15ml.

I also helped a friend purchase Essie Going Incognito RM29 & Nubar Sour Candy RM29 (both not pictured here).

Nubar (50-66% off!):
White Polka Dot & Black Polka Dot (RM29 each). As the name says, they are black or white glitter in a clear base, with tiny and larger hexagonal glitters. I did a quick swatch before buying them and I'm soooo excited to start layering with them!!! However, I did wish the glitters were a little more dense.

Emerald & Stardust (RM29 each. Check out the duochrome in Stardust!
I was actually very hesitant to buy Emerald and I realised why once I came home and saw Scrangie's swatch of it. The glitter's lumpy!!!! Now I dunno whether I wanna swatch it, much less wear it as a full manicure :(

Gem & Jewel RM30 each. I have had Nubar Gem on as a full manicure and removal wasn't very pleasant as microglitter gets everywhere. Be prepared for disco hands but it was a little easier than normal glitter polishes.

And my best purchases ever, the Steals!
Funky Opal, Pixie Dust, Gilded Gold, all at RM20 per bottle only!

To top it off, for every full priced Nubar I bought, I get a nail art pen for free! Here they are.. the first green from the right is my absolute favourite!

So yes, I shall be swatching them all when I have the time, but I doubt I will ever finish swatching my entire collection of nail polishes.

Thanks for reading. Bye!

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