Saturday, November 10, 2012

Color Club Halo Hues Giveaway

Omg. This giveaway deserves a post by it very self.

Look at the holo in the bottle shot. 

Can you imagine that in the hot and humid weather of Malaysia where we only have summer all year round, peppered with some rainy days? Is this not a good enough reason for me to win this set so I can have awesome holo nails like 300 days a year (because of some rainy days)?

If only Color Club was available here.

I wish I could be selfish and tell you not to enter, but that would be against the rules, so here's the link:

Good luck to me and you!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Some dated manicures

Some from my instagram. So just ignore the filters

China Glaze: Unpredictable - duochrome-y goodness!
Love the color. I think this was 2 coats.Pretty good wear time.

Awesome nail mail from Australia. Love you Shino, and ralphie boy too!

Tried ulta3 for the first time.
Twilight Fever was crappily streaky.
Lollypop Lilac was awesome to stamp.

4 (FOUR!!!!) extremely streaky coats of Color Club Pardon My French and one coat of Daiso's holographic in #5 on ring finger.
Sorry for the weird pose. The polish wouldn't dry, even with seche and it smudged real bad on the ring.
The stickers were from some random japanese shop that costs RM2.90
Real crappy quality. came off within the day even with multiple layers of topcoat.

Couldn't stand the smudge so I removed the ring finger and used one of my untrieds: Bloop, some metallic dark silver.

Trial test of  Etude House PBL601, over one coat of glue base on both hands
Top: 2 coats. Dried gritty. Sheer and too much glitter (OMG, did I just say that?!?!?!?!?!)
Bottom: 1 coat with 1 coat Bandi Nude Beige on top. Still a little gritty.

Jelly sandwich (please forgive the dry cuticles and I didn't have time to clean up before I took this pic. It was really late!)

2 layers of glue base, 3 layers of sheer franken baby blue, 1 layer of Etude House PBL601, 1layer Nubar White Polka Dot (not visible even in irl), 1 layer seche, 1 layer Bandi Nude Beige and one layer of poshe.

My left pointy peeled immediately the next morning, followed by my 2 middle fingers. Don't think the rest can last another day.

 Thanks for looking!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Omg, so many giveaways this month!

There's a ton of giveaways going on at the moment. Click on the links below to check them out!

1. Lace & Lacquers

2. Beauty Blog Coalition

3. Polish Fixation

4. Betty Nails

5. Lucy's Stash

6. Lisa's Nail Obsession

7. Life In Color

8. Nails and Stuff
9.  IrSada's 1 year blog anniversary giveaway Clickety click!

10. The Polish Hideout

11. Ashley is polish addicted

12. Lydia's Nails

These are just the ones I am participating on their blogs/websites because they ship internationally. I also have some on instagram but I am just tooooo lazy to post them up.

Good luck to everyone, but especially me!!!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Oh my. Look at the amount of polishes on this giveaway hosted by Barbara of Betty nails.

Click here to check out and join!

Good luck everyone!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Piece of Pie is hosting 2 awesome giveaways at her blog!

Below are the links to her giveaways. I would soo franken my own glittery nail polishes and stamp with the awesome 2012 BM plates!

Please let me win!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beepolished's giveaway!

Craving for jellies in this hot hot summer?

Check out beepolished's giveaway here.

Now I wanna win this BAD,because Zoya is not available in Malaysia *sniffles*

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Etude House + OPI Jelly Sandwich!

Before OPI:
2 coats of Etude House PP903 (pastel purple creme, 1 coat each of gold, silver, blue, purple and rose pink glitters.

After 1 layer of OPI Mod Hatter. 

I am in love with my own manicure.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Awesome giveaway from Anna of Pretty Digits

Anna of Pretty Digits has an awesome giveaway going on at her blog!

She has a total 12 polishes to be given away:
1. Nails Inc - The Icons mini set (which consists of 5 spring pastel colors)
2. Max Factor - Fantasy Fire (or better known as Unicorn Pee. Sighhh, you would have known I actually went searching for this awesome polish a couple of weeks ago, and the girl at the counter didn't even know what I was talking about)
3. Andrea Fulerton - Gemstone Overcoat (flakie) - who wouldn't love a flakie polish!
4. Barry M - Jewel Britannia and Colbalt Blue (perfect polishes for summer parties!)
5. Rimmel - Night Before and Hard Edge (ahhh, duochromes.. which reminds me.. I have to wear my Nubar Stardust and blog about it tomorrow)
6. YOUR choice of Nails Inc Sprinkles (Omg, have you seen the swatches of Pudding Lane and Sugar House Lane? They are to die for!)

So click on this link and start blogging about it too!

Color Club Wild At Heart Swatches and Review

Hi peeples!

Today, I have an awesome polish from Color Club's Fall 2009 Collection.

It's an awesome dark purple with subtle holographic effect.

All images were taken in full evening sunlight. The yellow toned one were taken using a different light setting on my phone camera but I realised that auto setting were a little more accurate.

Very pigmented and I only had to do one coat for full coverage but I did 2 coats for this post as I didn't use any topcoat and it had horrible tipwear by the end of my class so I did some minor touchups and here you go!

Super easy to apply and with holos, they dry extremely fast. These images are without touchups. Imagine that, a newbie without touchups! Definitely one of my to go polishes when I'm in a rush.

Only drawback is that the tipwear is horrible, but maybe it's just my job as I come in contact with a lot of water, washing pieces of cloths that kids have used, palettes and moving of heavy things and I didn't use a topcoat.

Oh, and since the holo effect is so subtle, this is how it looks like most of the time.

So that's it, thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Silkygirl Jet Black and Eyeko Cosmic Polish review + My very first nail art!

Hello peeples =D

Remember when I mentioned that I was going to post pictures of Eyeko's Cosmic Polish? Here they are!

Here, I have 2 layers of Eyeko's Cosmic Polish over 2 layers of Silky Girl's Jet Black with topcoat.

Please excuse the cuticles, smudges, bed sheet marks and tip wear. I've had this manicure for more than a week and I could still dent the manicure thanks to the many layering. I've tried to hide them with some touchups, but it also resulted in very bad macro images. Sorry bout that. :(

I'm a little on the fence for Silky Girl's Jet Black polish. If you use thin coats, they are very streaky however, one thick coat is alright which was what I did since I was going to apply Cosmic Polish over it.The brush was alright but I since it's a Malaysian brand, I didn't have high hopes for it. Removal was fine. At least it didn't stain.

I used mural paint that I had on hand and freehanded the penguin. It was nicer but I didn't have topcoat on hand and when I went home, I forgot and went for a shower and penguin's eyes came off booo!

So I top up with nail polish which resulted in the somewhat unsymmetrical eyes. Hahaha

Eyeko's Cosmic Polish was easy to apply. The brush and its bristles were a little long so I had to do some clean up which also resulted in the wonky nail edges. As I got mine from a third party, I wanted to conserve the polish which is why I applied it over a black polish but I think there shouldn't be a problem without any underwear.

Glitter wise, it's a little sparse but it makes a black polish a little more unique.

On a separate note, my bottle of Color Club Revvvolution has gone missing *cries and curses the person who took it*

Going to watch Dark Knight tonight! I think this manicure (minus the penguin)is quite apt! I can't wait for Bourne Legacy to come out! *drools at Jeremy Renner*

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend guys!

Nail polish haul!

Ohhh, I'm such a horrible blogger. I bought these on 1st July and I only blogged about them now!

The Nubar and Essie supplier near my office had a sale a couple of weeks back and I couldn't resist the discounts of up to 50% that were advertised on the street banners along the streets and ended up with all these beauties below.

Essie (50% off):
Tennis Corset (discontinued) and No More Eilm from the Resort 2012 Collection (RM29 each). However, I'm a little upset with the Resort 2012 Collection. It's 13.5ml (0.46oz), compared to the older bottles, which were 15ml.

I also helped a friend purchase Essie Going Incognito RM29 & Nubar Sour Candy RM29 (both not pictured here).

Nubar (50-66% off!):
White Polka Dot & Black Polka Dot (RM29 each). As the name says, they are black or white glitter in a clear base, with tiny and larger hexagonal glitters. I did a quick swatch before buying them and I'm soooo excited to start layering with them!!! However, I did wish the glitters were a little more dense.

Emerald & Stardust (RM29 each. Check out the duochrome in Stardust!
I was actually very hesitant to buy Emerald and I realised why once I came home and saw Scrangie's swatch of it. The glitter's lumpy!!!! Now I dunno whether I wanna swatch it, much less wear it as a full manicure :(

Gem & Jewel RM30 each. I have had Nubar Gem on as a full manicure and removal wasn't very pleasant as microglitter gets everywhere. Be prepared for disco hands but it was a little easier than normal glitter polishes.

And my best purchases ever, the Steals!
Funky Opal, Pixie Dust, Gilded Gold, all at RM20 per bottle only!

To top it off, for every full priced Nubar I bought, I get a nail art pen for free! Here they are.. the first green from the right is my absolute favourite!

So yes, I shall be swatching them all when I have the time, but I doubt I will ever finish swatching my entire collection of nail polishes.

Thanks for reading. Bye!

Friday, July 6, 2012

My first gradient manicure!

Hello peeps! I manage to blinded my beloved BB. It jumped off my bed and now the screen is just dead although I can receive calls. OK, let's skip the emo drama.

It's Friday already! I can't wait to do my nails tomorrow with the same method, because for once, my boyfie actually liked it! Woot!

Here's my first ever ombre manicure! I actually wanted to blog about my RM294 worth of polishes that I got in a sale but I'll leave my crazy purchases for another post. Hushhh, mummy doesn't know!

Here's my base of Nubar Gem, in a very crappy pic, since I didn't have my camera, my bb is blinded and I only had my iPod with me. Apple, your camera suxxors! No wonder there's instagram!

This is Nubar Gem, outdoors, full sunlight. Pictured here is 3 coats, no basecoat, no topcoat. It dries gritty so a thick topcoat is good. You can even see its holo goodness indoors, under artificial lighting.

Another crappy shot under sunlight.

Under my toilet's light, the base shows a little purply-taupe. Err, I can't describe but it wasn't love at first sight when I laid eyes on it. Not even my first look at Scrangie's swatch could make me love it but it's growing on me :)

Here is my ombre manicure!
This was taken at night, under fluorescent lighting, without flash. With one layer of OPI Top Coat.

With flash. This is more true to color but you can see under my pinky, I forgot to clean up before I took this pic. Eek, sorry!

And since there are a million other blogs who do better tutorials than me, I shall skip all the grandmother stories. Below is a list of what i used:

Base: Nubar Gem (my previous manicure)
Middle: Skin Food Nail Vita in BR611
Tips: Suki #94 (from sasa)
Makeup sponge from Daiso (one pack of 10 pcs for RM5)
A sheet of plastic
A toothpick, which I stopped using after the second nail

Next time I'll take a pic of the items I used kay?

Summary: It was super easy to do, especially with the sponge. Jelly finishes will be easier for beginner (I am one!) as one-coater nail polishes will be hard to correct if you sponged too high up. That's what happened with my index and pinky. So yes, I will do it again, but not with holographic polishes. They dry too quickly for my liking.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My first polish review!

OK, here goes nothing.

I have been hooked onto nail polish a couple of years back, actually no.. the addiction started since I was in high school. I remember my first pedicure as a creme baby pink and creme baby blue split halfway down the middle and back then, I knew jacksh*t about manicures, polishes, cuticles, nail art and 10 million other things. Oh, and my first polish was a Maybelline. Too bad they discontinued their polish line, I have an awesome polish from them to show!

Fast forward 6 years later, I was working in the media line and a colleague of mine brought me along to an OPI launch event as I was the only other girl in the company who actually cared about having polished talons every day.

It was the launch of the France collection and we received some gifts – a mini set of the France collection and several full-sized bottles. I didn’t like most of the colors to be honest as I was still very much into the basic reds, pinks, purples and such. But it kickstarted my polish buying frenzy.

2 years later, I found out about online shopping the 3rd parties directed me to SCRANGIE and her beautiful blog for swatches of polishes I would like to order. Since then, I have never failed to log on to her website every week to see her beautifully polished nails and the range of colors and brands that Malaysia doesn’t carry. Didn’t helped that online shopping helped killed some of the lemmings but also my bank account!

10 years from my first polish to today, I have decided to start blogging about nail polish and my personal swatches.

So, to kick start my first blog post on swatches, I have the ever-hard-to-get: Revlon Whimsical!

FYI, Malaysia only has OPI, a pathetic range of Revlon polishes polish (which is pretty much the basic cremes and sheers) and some Asian brands. China Glaze only came in a couple of months ago, and that said, the colours that they have are pretty sad.

In Malaysia, Revlon’s range of nail. I had my eye on Whimsical ever since I laid my eyes on the swatches online. I can’t remember whose blog was it but it was love at first sight. Ever since, I have been hunting at all Revlon display racks in major malls and pharmacies but failed.

I even thought about asking some bloggers to buy, or do a little exchange but I doubt anyone will, considering that no one knows me, and with all that internet fraud, hmmph..

On my recent trip to Phuket, Thailand, I walked into Watson’s (along Patong Beach) to get some lotion and there was a Revlon clearance rack at the entry. I looked and to my surprise and excitement, I found 3 bottles of Whimsical! I was almost jumping up and down in excitement and had to contain myself from squealing and running around like a mad woman.

I had to buy 2 bottles and here are my swatches and review!

I had some franken baby blue as underwear as I tried wearing 5 layers of Whimsical and I looked horrible with my tan and ghostly nails.

This is 2 layers of franken baby blue, and 3 layers of Whimsical. All pictures were taken in direct sunlight with no basecoat or topcoat.

The glitters were hard to fish out and I had to do some placing or they’d all clump at the tip of my nail. This manicure lasted me for a week, with only one chip on my left pointer finger and tipwear. Granted I put my nails through a lot of manual labour as I teach pottery and ceramics, with clay (that’s super drying to my cuticles and hands), some housework and what not.

Removal was the standard with glitter polishes, everything came out and I had to use a little more polish remover on a cotton pad for the last bit of stubborn glitters.

Can’t wait to use it again!