Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My first polish review!

OK, here goes nothing.

I have been hooked onto nail polish a couple of years back, actually no.. the addiction started since I was in high school. I remember my first pedicure as a creme baby pink and creme baby blue split halfway down the middle and back then, I knew jacksh*t about manicures, polishes, cuticles, nail art and 10 million other things. Oh, and my first polish was a Maybelline. Too bad they discontinued their polish line, I have an awesome polish from them to show!

Fast forward 6 years later, I was working in the media line and a colleague of mine brought me along to an OPI launch event as I was the only other girl in the company who actually cared about having polished talons every day.

It was the launch of the France collection and we received some gifts – a mini set of the France collection and several full-sized bottles. I didn’t like most of the colors to be honest as I was still very much into the basic reds, pinks, purples and such. But it kickstarted my polish buying frenzy.

2 years later, I found out about online shopping the 3rd parties directed me to SCRANGIE and her beautiful blog for swatches of polishes I would like to order. Since then, I have never failed to log on to her website every week to see her beautifully polished nails and the range of colors and brands that Malaysia doesn’t carry. Didn’t helped that online shopping helped killed some of the lemmings but also my bank account!

10 years from my first polish to today, I have decided to start blogging about nail polish and my personal swatches.

So, to kick start my first blog post on swatches, I have the ever-hard-to-get: Revlon Whimsical!

FYI, Malaysia only has OPI, a pathetic range of Revlon polishes polish (which is pretty much the basic cremes and sheers) and some Asian brands. China Glaze only came in a couple of months ago, and that said, the colours that they have are pretty sad.

In Malaysia, Revlon’s range of nail. I had my eye on Whimsical ever since I laid my eyes on the swatches online. I can’t remember whose blog was it but it was love at first sight. Ever since, I have been hunting at all Revlon display racks in major malls and pharmacies but failed.

I even thought about asking some bloggers to buy, or do a little exchange but I doubt anyone will, considering that no one knows me, and with all that internet fraud, hmmph..

On my recent trip to Phuket, Thailand, I walked into Watson’s (along Patong Beach) to get some lotion and there was a Revlon clearance rack at the entry. I looked and to my surprise and excitement, I found 3 bottles of Whimsical! I was almost jumping up and down in excitement and had to contain myself from squealing and running around like a mad woman.

I had to buy 2 bottles and here are my swatches and review!

I had some franken baby blue as underwear as I tried wearing 5 layers of Whimsical and I looked horrible with my tan and ghostly nails.

This is 2 layers of franken baby blue, and 3 layers of Whimsical. All pictures were taken in direct sunlight with no basecoat or topcoat.

The glitters were hard to fish out and I had to do some placing or they’d all clump at the tip of my nail. This manicure lasted me for a week, with only one chip on my left pointer finger and tipwear. Granted I put my nails through a lot of manual labour as I teach pottery and ceramics, with clay (that’s super drying to my cuticles and hands), some housework and what not.

Removal was the standard with glitter polishes, everything came out and I had to use a little more polish remover on a cotton pad for the last bit of stubborn glitters.

Can’t wait to use it again!

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