Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm back!!

Hello everyone! It's a while, sorry for the hiatus, and I couldn't blog because of crazy working hours and all.


1. I left the mall job with the crazy colleagues, maniac boss and her psychotic girlfriend.

2. The boyfriend and I getting along a lot better.

3. I am counting down to my next Bangkok trip! It's been 2 years!

4. The boyfriend will be opening and running a new outlet, however, it's still under the same company from his club.

5. I am going on a business venture on my own. I hope everything works out fine. I have had the awesome opportunity of having someone fund me while I test the waters. How awesome is that?

6. I still suck at Konad-ing.

7. I have joined a pilates class, otherwise known as hot bod class from hereon.

Ok, I shall keep the updates coming. I shall make the effort to blog more often!