Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Silkygirl Jet Black and Eyeko Cosmic Polish review + My very first nail art!

Hello peeples =D

Remember when I mentioned that I was going to post pictures of Eyeko's Cosmic Polish? Here they are!

Here, I have 2 layers of Eyeko's Cosmic Polish over 2 layers of Silky Girl's Jet Black with topcoat.

Please excuse the cuticles, smudges, bed sheet marks and tip wear. I've had this manicure for more than a week and I could still dent the manicure thanks to the many layering. I've tried to hide them with some touchups, but it also resulted in very bad macro images. Sorry bout that. :(

I'm a little on the fence for Silky Girl's Jet Black polish. If you use thin coats, they are very streaky however, one thick coat is alright which was what I did since I was going to apply Cosmic Polish over it.The brush was alright but I since it's a Malaysian brand, I didn't have high hopes for it. Removal was fine. At least it didn't stain.

I used mural paint that I had on hand and freehanded the penguin. It was nicer but I didn't have topcoat on hand and when I went home, I forgot and went for a shower and penguin's eyes came off booo!

So I top up with nail polish which resulted in the somewhat unsymmetrical eyes. Hahaha

Eyeko's Cosmic Polish was easy to apply. The brush and its bristles were a little long so I had to do some clean up which also resulted in the wonky nail edges. As I got mine from a third party, I wanted to conserve the polish which is why I applied it over a black polish but I think there shouldn't be a problem without any underwear.

Glitter wise, it's a little sparse but it makes a black polish a little more unique.

On a separate note, my bottle of Color Club Revvvolution has gone missing *cries and curses the person who took it*

Going to watch Dark Knight tonight! I think this manicure (minus the penguin)is quite apt! I can't wait for Bourne Legacy to come out! *drools at Jeremy Renner*

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend guys!

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