Saturday, June 8, 2013

Denesy Velvet Manicure Swatches & Review

Together with the Saxby polishes mentioned in my last post, I received 2 Denesy Velvet manicures set for review.

I received two sets: #02 White and #7, a Granny Smith Green. In each pack, you will receive a bottle of base color, a brush and 2 matching bottles of the velvet powder.

This is how the packaging looks like.

The set comes sealed in plastic and once you flip them around, you will see the numbers at the bottom.

On the back of the box are application directions. Very straightforward and simple. 

I first started with the base polishes, 2 coats each and about a couple mins to dry in between. The polish brushes were fairly decent, easy to control and not too bushy. Polish wise, the white was a little thick but nothing a couple drops of thinner could not handle. Green was slightly more sheer and I had to do 3 thin coats instead of 2.

 Flocking powder #07 on a sheet of paper. 

After I had applied the second coat of white and third coat of green, instead of following the directions on the box, I poured out the flocking powder on a piece of paper and rolled nail with my still wet polish on it. Waited for about 30 seconds and used my finger pads to press down the flocking powder.

I had to pay a little more attention to my edges as my nails are quite curved and om my first attempt, it was pretty obvious I missed the sides.

After that, I used the brush to brush off any excess powder and voilĂ ! Velvet nails!!

I tried doing polka dots and a french nail on my pinkie but the results for the polka dots aren't too obvious. Pardon the horrible pics, but the camera wasn't playing nice that day.

Do remember to make sure that your base polishes are opaque as the flocking powder will not cover the streaks nicely (as seen in my index and middle finger).

The flocking powder stayed on for a couple of days and I had to remove them as I had wedding dinner to attend.

I loved touching the surface but my boyfriend weren't too pleased about it. He likes smooth nails and matchy matchy colors. Hahaha.

Overall, these are a good buy if you're interested to try out the velvet nails look as they definitely won't break your bank account. 

Denesy Velvet Manicure is available at all SaSa Malaysia outlets and retails for RM21.90 each. Find out more from their website and following them at social media links below:


Disclaimer: These polishes were sent to me for my review however this does not affect my judgement in any way. All feedback and opinions are based on my personal and honest opinion. 

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