Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Mythical L'Oreal Hair Do

So mythical, it's magical!

As part of the little job perks, I was invited by L'Oreal Professionnel for a totally Mythic Hair Makeover and the the viewing of Jonathan Liang's collection at KLFW 2013.

I was there with Eugein of HotPinkyRoom. Have you seen her baby?

She's sooooo cute and adorable. And Eugein is one of those hot mamas who looks super young, slim and pretty. *jealous*

OK, back to my mythical hair makeover - Upon being seated, one of the staffs immediately  handed me a drink menu and I choose a nice hot cup of green tea to soothe my ruffled senses from the KL jam.

Of course, there has to be a pre-makeover picture. I had pinned and tied my hair up in my usual ponytail as I was out the whole day today - Clarins launch in the AM, SaSa launch in the afternoon and finally, this.
Phew. Life is tough as a vainpot.
*photo courtesy of Eugein*  

And the Mythic Hair Treatment began!

Here I am, having my day-old hair washed by Elaine- my hairstylist of the day, using the Mythical Oil Shampoo.
Elaine is damn freaking awesome and I like her because she's not the super chatty type where they won't stop talking to the customer or their colleagues :D She's also very thorough when she was washing my hair and she gave me awesome hair, which you all have seen on my instagram and facebook. 

She first washed my hair with the  Mythic Oil Shampoo. It has a very light refreshing scent and I couldn't help inhaling deeply throughout the process. I was then ushered to rinse my hair and she used the Mythic Oil conditioner to soften my hair (which kinda resembles hay on a bad day)

  I always wonder how do they wrap my hair in that towel. It's so short, but yet they can wrap it snugly and it doesn't pull at my hair.

 Elaine towel dried my hair and applied the Mythic Oil on my damp hair. I assume it's for better adsorption :p Next time I ask ok? She then began to blow dry my hair. Can you see the nice and soft flyaway curls on my side? Ahhh, If only my hair was like this everyday *dreaming*

And here's the final result! Elaine blew dried my hair with a large round brush and the hot air; she also gave me gorgeous voluminous curlss. On a normal day with shampoo and conditioner, I would have a ton of flyaway hair but the Mythic Hair Oil gave me commercial-worthy shine and smoothed every little bit of hair down without weighing down and making me look like an oil slick.

With the L'Oreal team - Audra from VenuzBuzz.com and Eugein

Once we were all done, we were ushered to Ben's for dinner a couple doors away. 
I also had a bowl of tomato soup that was a tad less creamy for my taste. Sorry, no picture because my one and only picture was blur. Ben's has one of the most awesome Toasties - plenty of soft oozy cheese on warm and fluffy toasted bread. That's my complimentary bottle of Mythic Oil in the matching gorgeous black and gold paper bag in the background.

We also had a few moments of fame while cameras flashed and we gave our million megawatt smiles (L-R) Audra, me, Eugein and Wendy from 惡魔婷婷
And then we were ushered to the fashion show - FRONT ROW SEATS FTW! 

Being the typical klutz, I kicked over Audra's beer and it spilled all over the carpet. Good thing they had black carpets, for which the beer magically disappeared.

With Tissot kickstarting the show and being so kind as to provide us with a very pretty boy for eye candy *wipes drool daintily with tissue*

Eye candy from Tissot

  Obviously, I didn't manage to capture most of the outfits which were shown that night and I'm no fashionista myself, but I do like the designs as there were elements of surprise in each outfit - a little cutout at the back, swallow tails and

And Tinie, she is soooooo gorgeous. I couldn't take my eyes off her every time she appeared on the runway and she modeled every outfit perfectly. 

OK, you can close this window now because I am just going to to post shameless camwhore selfies of me with my almost-perfect hair (almost-perfect because of the horrifyingly ugly roots). Seriously, I will never have any events/dinners/functions to attend when I have perfectly colored hair. The invites only come when their roots are horrendously long and impossible to cover up. Doesn't help that my hair grows incredibly fast. 
Still in the salon. No, I didn't filter this. My phone camera likes to add filters on it's own. But this picture got me thinking whether I should lighten my hair color this much :p 

And with Eugein. OMG, she's a mom. I can't imagine if I ever gave birth. People will be able to feel the vibrations on the ground when I start walking. Like a mile away. FML.

And right after the fashion show. See my fugly hair roots? But the shine was awesome!

Thank you so much  to the generous and wonderful team from L'Oreal Professionnel for allowing to experience the Mythic Hair Makeover and my first ever front row fashion show, Miko Galere and the most gorgeous hair makeover and of course VanityTrove Malaysia ;)

Till then, toodles~

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