Friday, May 24, 2013

Saxby Polish Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!

This is my first ever batch of polishes that I've been sent to swatch and review. So without further ado, let's get started! I received a total of 8 polishes - 5 Saxby polishes, 2 Venesy Velvet Manicures and a topcoat but I will review the Velvet Manicures in the next post. 

All pictures taken in direct sunlight unless stated otherwise.

First up, I have #48 - a pretty sky blue creme that dries matte. This was the first polish I picked from the lot because it looked so pretty in the bottle. 

I started with a base coat provided by SaSa on my middle finger and pinky but it made the polish sooooo streaky and clumpy upon application. I tried redoing it 3 times, until I gave up and did without a basecoat on my middle finger. All subsequent swatches are without basecoat. 

This is the final results of 2 coats each and top coat on my middle finger. It eventually self-leveled out quite nicely on my ring and index finger. You can see the clumpy-ness on my middle finger near the cuticle. This was taken when the sun refused to come out from hiding behind the clouds. 

The formula on this bottle was very thick. It was so thick that it could have been a one coater, however, since it's a matte polish, it tends to dry extra fast, what more with Malaysia's crazy humid weather. I'm just surprised that it hasn't bubbled on me. 

Next up is #12 - a pretty sunflower yellow creme that has some orange tones to it. Think pumpkin orange, but less orange. The color's quite accurate in this pic below, taken under direct sunlight. 3 coats with topcoat on the middle finger. 

Formula of this color is much sheerer than the sky blue, however it's surprisingly streak-free at 2 coats as compared with other yellow polishes that I have, BUT.. There's always a but... It starts to really streak on the third coat, which you can see in my picture.

I did a quickie swatch of this over my old mani of an OPI jelly polish, and it was nice and opaque in one coat. Maybe I should do that again :)

Next up - #50, a blue toned pink creme. Lovely formula on this! A one-coater at a thicker coat which is what you see on my middle finger (with topcoat). 3 thin coats on the rest.

The fourth polish is a little confused but very pretty girl - she's not sure whether she's a #66 or #99. 
I swear, I mean, look at the numbering!!

She has a little hidden secret shimmer upon application. It's not visible in the bottle but you can see it upon application. Formula is quite sheer on this, I did 2 coats and you can still see my nails, maybe I should have done 3 coats, but I didn't want it to streak like the yellow. Easy application, fast dry time for this baby here. 

Last but not least, my favourite of the bunch - #112, a lime green nail polish with silver glitters! This polish has a little secret - besides fine silver glitter in a jelly base, it's also a textured polish! It feels like you have fine sugar grains on your fingertips. 

I used 3 coats to gain full coverage and a top coat on my middle finger. I much prefer it matte. Dry time was a tad slower for this polish. 

Here's an additional picture I took, I was trying to capture the texture of the polish. I think I failed miserably, my S3 is not strong enough for super detailed pics like this. That, or I need a different app. 

I tried to wear the neon coral polish as a full mani, but this is what happened in less than 24 hours: 2 major chips on my index and middle fingers!

So I did a quick change of mani at 1-ish am that night but I failed to take a decent picture in the sun. This was taken in my office. 2 coats of Catrice - Steel My Heart and 2 coats of the neon coral polish. 1 coat of fast drying topcoat from Daiso. To be honest, I really wanted to love the Saxby polish. 

I did these nails at like 1am and I made sure the topcoat had dried everything before I fell asleep. I woke up 7 hours later, and took a shower, being very careful not to use my nails on my scalp as I usually do (yeah, I know it's bad, but I feel like it's not clean if I don't use my nails :p).

Went to work, and as I was driving, I realised that my wrapped part was gone on my index and I took a pic to show my friend the chipping on my nails when I reached the office. It was less than 12 hours and I spent a good 7 hours sleeping. 

The pic below is Day 2: After my shower, my whole tip on my index is revealed with 2 big chunks gone from my thumb. Catrice is still holding up strong. 

So let's face it, this matte neon polishes don't have the most awesome wear time, but then again, they were on my primary fingers. 

Day 3, major chips on all nails with Saxby neon polish, even my pinky, which usually last the longest. Shall not show you anymore horrible pics of chipped nail polish.

Final verdict: I'm quite sold on the formulas and colors although there were a little inconsistency. My only gripe is that not all of the polishes were brand new. Look at my picture below, these 4 polishes had dried polish at the opening of the bottle!

I would actually give this brand another chance and besides, they really are quite affordable: RM10.90 or approx. USD $3.70 per bottle. 

The Saxby polishes are available exclusively in SaSa stores nationwide. Find out more from their website and following them at social media links below:


Disclaimer: These polishes were sent to me for my review however this does not affect my judgement in any way. All feedback and opinions are based on my personal and honest opinion. 

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