Thursday, September 24, 2009


Picture stolen from ebay.

I've read soooo many reviews about this particular brand of BB cream and apparently it does wonders for the skin.

1. It's a triple function BB cream (works as a sunscreen with SPF 20++, provides nutrients to your skin and elasticity for droopy skin).
2. It's not oily and stays on for hours.
3. It helps clears blemishes and pores shrink over time (as read in reviews)

Ok la, I forgot the rest of the benefits... anyway, baby went to Singapore last Sunday, and according to the reviews, it was available at Watsons and Guardians over there so I told him to get it for me if he could find it.

Today, I had to go and walk around the mall to give out some circulars and brief several tenants about a tie-up promotion and Jing had to go Watsons to buy some stuff. I was just browsing around and checking whether they stock Bioré self-heating clay mask that was a must-buy that was mentioned on channel E! Suddenly, Anthony, who was browsing with me mentioned "BB Cream!" And I looked up to find THE BB Cream that I wanted for so long sitting on the shelf!

I immediately texted baby and told him that they stock it in Malaysia and tumpang Jing to buy it. I'm going to start using it tomorrow and of course, I will see if there's a major difference in my skin tone and appearance after several weeks.

And of course - pics of my horrible skin before using the BB cream:
The size of my pores are big enough to be craters!

The left side of my face with a pimple coming out, plenty of whiteheads and some acne scars.

A close-up of the neckline of the left-side of my face. Sigh, let's not even go into how bad is my skin condition.

I wonder what does baby sees in me sometimes, but then again, his facial acne is way worse than mine.

Till then, it's another 48 hours before baby is back in KL...

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