Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bangkok + G.I. Joe

Bangkok (6th-10th August) was great... but I bought lesser clothes than I thought I would have.

The food was great, I especially love the chicken steak burger from their 7-11. I love their grilled pork, the fried banana fritters and their fried chicken. Oh, and there's this whiskey called Sang Som, it's like RM12 for 300ml or something... Smooth and lethal... yums..

We missed out on the dodgy places because everyone was so broke by the fourth day. Cha Tu Chak wasn't that great because we went to the wrong area. Platinum mall was aewsome because everything there was just cheap and nice and prices were negotiable. MBK was so so.. I'm sooo going back to Platinum mall again!

Got freaking sick on the 2nd last day of the trip. Ended up with high fever, was getting chills all the time and didn't get to do my pedi-mani on the trip. Emo.

Got stopped by customs on the way in to the airport. I was actually afraid that I was going to be hit by the H1N1 virus but luckily, the fever went away the next day, but I ended up with diarrhoea. Like turning the water pipe on. I think I lost a couple of kilos after that because I was just eating porridge and drinking soup for that 2 days. I hope the weights stays off.

Came back and Air Asia had some cheap flights promotion and we ended up booking tickets to Bangkok for next year: 15th -19th July 2010.

G.I. Joe was wayyyyy better than I thought. I've given up all hope on all these comic-based movies but G.I. Joe was surprisingly good. Everyone was telling me that the storyline sucks, but it's something I could understand and the action was good!

Went to Cuffz with baby and we both found this nice pair of cufflinks... Going to get it for him when pay comes out end of this month and I was thinking of getting another pair for him when I go and pay for them. =)

Dammit, September is going to be a broke month for me. I got RM600 to pay off for my car's insurance and roadtax, about RM150 for his cufflinks, RM300 for the place tickets to BKK next year, RM500 to my savings account and I will also need to save up for Christmas and anniversary present. I NEED donations to WYNA!!!

I brought up the topic of wanting to place some clothes at his place so that I can bath and change whenever I'm over at his place... I didn't want to bring it up initially because I felt that we were moving too fast and it's usually something initiated by the guy but he just said OK when I brought it up.

Yesterday, when I was packing my clothes for our weekly badminton session (I was on the phone with him) and he was telling me to pack the clothes to put at his place. I was tired so I told him I'd pack and bring it on the weekend.

Laid down on the bed to continue chatting and he asked whether we're moving too fast. To which, I replied yes because, besides the clothes issue, he's also been telling me that he has got some plans for our first year anniversary and all.

But of course, it's not a bad thing, NOT AT ALL because it just means that he wants to make this relationship last (PHEW!!).

OK, I dunno what kinda closing line I should write for this entry, so yeah, that's basically what I wanted to update... Bye!

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