Monday, July 12, 2010

Good lord, I really need to stop buying polishes

I bought a bunch of nail polishes, 3D stickers and other nail related stuffs recently:
From LYN:
Like 5 pieces of 3D nail stickers from some girl in LYN.
RM240.30 worth of nail polishes:
1. Emerald Sparkle (Glitter) CG-28843 $2.68 RM17.90
2. Watermelon Rind (Shimmer) CG-80226 $2.68 RM17.90
3. White Out (Creme) CG-545 - $2.68 RM17.90
4. Lemon Fizz (Creme) CG80941 - $2.68 RM17.90
5. Peachy Keen CG80938 (Creme) - $2.68 RM17.90
6. TTYL (Glitter) CG-80809 $3.38 RM21.40
7. L8R G8R (Glitter) CG-80812 $3.38 RM21.40
8. Hi-Tek (Shimmer) CG70420 $3.38 RM21.40
9. Milennium (Shimmer) CG70415 $3.38 RM21.40
10. Vintage Couture (Creme) CC-857- $2.50 RM16.30
11. Pardon My French (French) CC-873 - $2.50 RM16.30
12. I Believe In Amour (French) CC-874 - $2.50 RM16.30

Online (
A whole bunch of image nail plates (6 pieces to be exact) and 50 pieces of 3D stickers.
RM60++ inclusive of international shipping.
Yeah, I know some of the stickers will be designs that I'll never use. But it's super duper cheap can die!!!

Random stores in various malls:
I bought 2 3D nail stickers from some Japanese store, but I dunno where are they now.

Another 2 long stickers, supposed to be for french tips but in order to save space, I cut them into tiny pieces.

Daddy paid for 2 storage boxes for my nail polishes, and 1 more that are for CDs, but then I just used it to keep the stickers and image plates. Oh yeah, another 2 more nail polishes for nail art - the kind with the long thin brushes. One in silver and one in teal. Silver sucked - the glitters are too sparse.

I wanna buy empty nail polish bottles. I wanna franken my own nail polishes!!
I also need metal balls!!!!

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