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Nuxe - The Marriage of High Rigor & A Touch of Poetry

Ever since I was introduced to Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse, I've fallen hard for this French lady. A natural beauty, sensual and classy - she is the perfect epitome of Beauty by Nature.

Nuxe very kindly provided full size products, inclusive of the Nuxellence Jeunesse (click to read my review) from their blogger launch.

So grab some snacks and coffee as this will be a lengthy post.

The 5 products given was a full range of skincare, inclusive of eye and lip cream, pre-essence, serum, face cream and the oh-so-famous multi-purpose oil. I will describe and review each product.

But before I start, I just want to state this: All Nuxe products has their signature floral scent to it however, as they use different flowers for different products, so the scents differs from each product. However, the scents for all their facecare range do fade off after a couple of minutes after application so it doesn't quite bother me. If you are not sure whether you will like the scent, do try out their testers before you commit to a full-size.

First up: Nuxuriance® Yeux et Lèvres
Or translated to Eye & Lip Global Anti-Aging Cream

Self explanatory picture of the eye and lip cream
(L-R) One teeny pump, spreaded out and blended.

Verdict: I never noticed this when I was using it but when I was taking photos for my review, I realized that the eye cream has a slight golden shimmer, which is more evident when I spread the product. Do click on the picture and you'll see what I mean. 

Ryan - Nuxe's regional trainer's application method was to apply the cream in a U-shape. Starting from the inner corner of your eyes, moving to the outer corner and ending at your temples. He mentioned that it's not necessary for you to apply on your eyelids, but your eyelids do age and end up looking like crepe if you do not take care (especially removal of eye makeup, rubbing your eyes, straining at the computer screen etc) so I do apply it on to my eyelids too.

Texture is thick but not sticky and absorption is almost immediate. My eye area doesn't have that tacky feel and with the use of my usual primer, my eye makeup stays all day long. I think the shimmer it meant to help brighten up your eye area but it disappears upon application. Further plus point is that it doesn't gives me oil seeds around my eye area. 

Would definitely recommend it!

Next up - Sérum Merveillance®
Translated: Visible Expression Line Serum

L-R: The serum, spread out and blended into the skin.

Verdict: Thick texture not easily absorbed into my skin. I concentrate on my forehead, laugh lines by my nose and lips and my neck. Nothing to dislike about the serum as it doesn't break me out nor make my oily skin any oilier. If I applied this at night, I wake up with a slight sheen on my forehead but it doesn't matter to me because I wash up before going to work. Then again, I always wake up with oily skin (regardless of products).

Crème Nirvanesque®
First Expression Lines Cream

L-R : The Cream, spread out and blended into my skin.

Verdict: This cream has my favourite floral scent. It's not as strong as any of the products mentioned above and I personally wished that the scent of this cream lingers after application. It's a softer, more feminine and sweet scent. 

It looks a tad thick in the bottle and felt quite thick when I was smearing this on my face but it absorbs beautifully, without any tackiness! Nuxe, how is it possible that you have something that's for anti-aging but not rich and sticky??? *mindblown*

This is meant to be applied on areas of your face where you can notice the beginnings of fines lines. Obviously, with my lack of sun protection knowledge and bad health habits, my wrinkles are no longer under the fine lines category >.<

I am already thinking of getting another jar when this runs out. 

And last but not least!!! The HG product everyone has been raving about - Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse 

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse - the Limited Edition packaging for their 20th anniversary (150ml bottle) and their miniature travel size, too cute!

This is probably the worst shot of the Limited Edition bottle you have ever seen. As you can see, half the bottle of oil is gone so it's proof that i've used it for a while. And I think it was the oil that made the sticker peel :(

L-R- The oil, spread out and blended.

This oil was applied after all my eye cream, serum and the first expression line cream.The image above shows the product in various stages and in the final picture (blended into my skin), it leave no shiny sheen that most people are afraid of. 

Lots of people shy away from products when they see anything with the word oil on the product name. Let me tell you, this dry oil is magic! 

Upon spritzing on to my skin, it dried almost immediately! I had to be fast when applying otherwise it would dry very quickly and I will have to spritz more on to my skin. Upon drying, the oil leaves a very delicate floral scent that lasts the whole day. Usually, scents like these will end up as a migraine that progressively gets worse as the day wears on but this scent didn't do that to me! 

It lasted throughout a long day at work (approximately 10 hours), my skin was still lightly scented and not dry even though I was in an aircond room the whole day. 

I would probably need 4 spritzes per fat leg of mine and 3 spritzes for both my arms.

Overall, I am totally in love with all of the Nuxe products that were provided for review. The only gripe I had was the sticker on the oil bottle. I think it's just me, but i feel that a different print on the bottle itself with slightly more flowers or motives would have enhanced the 'collectabl-ity'of the bottle whereby I might even consider keeping it on my dresser because it's prettier. My sticker is going to be pretty much gone when I finish using the bottle, and then I won't remember that it was a Limited Edition 20th anniversary bottle. 

Nuxe products can be found exclusively in all Sa Sa Malaysia outlets.

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