Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nuxe - Where Nature Meets Luxury In Beauty

I was invited to the exclusive Nuxe blogger event 3 weeks ago for the launch of their latest product - Nuxellence Jeunesse. The event was held at BSC's Sa Sa outlet.

Nuxe specially flew in their Regional Education Manager from Hong Kong - Mr. Ryan Lau. Whilst he looks fierce in person, he is actually very soft spoken and funny!

For examples, after introducing and explaining the star product, he explained a few of their other best-sellers and one of them was the Nuxuriance® Eyes and Lips Global Anti-aging Cream. Another blogger asked whether we should apply on our eyelids as a lot of brands have different application methods.

His reply: "No, you only apply beneath your eyes and massage in a U-shape motion, starting from the inner corner of your eyes and ending at your temples. If you have any dark shadows on your eyelids, it's your EYESHADOW!" 

Hahaha! Ok, I find it quite funny *awkward moment*

On to the review!!

The lady.

Is she such a beauty? The lovely bronzey skin, with a slim lines and clear print - she is the epitome of luxury.

After much research, it has discovered that our cells de-charge, just like our handphones and in the heart of the cells, mitochondria supply the cells with the energy to function properly. As it is more vulnerable than cellular DNA mitochondria DNA weakens over time AKA as we age. The function of the mitochondria detoriate and the cells decharge themselves daily.

The Nuxe laboratory identified 3 flower extracts which demonstrated their activity on the repair of the mitochondria DNA. 

The combination of the active ingredients in these 3 flowers increase the repair of damaged mitochondria  DNA up to 43%!

After just 28 days, wrinkles and fine lines appear diminished, the skin is plumper while the complexion is much more even-toned!

Ryan explained that Nuxe Jeunesse is a pre-serum (like an essence) - to be applied after toner and before your serums to make sure your skin absorbs the most of your serums!

The inner diva (beauty, mind you) in me practically sang out loud when I first popped open the NUXE makeup bag I received from the event.

I received FIVE full-sized products, alongside with the star product - Nuxellence Jeunesse.


Being a sucker for packaging, and a newbie at that too, my inner diva sang again at the sight of the twist top dispenser for this gorgeous lady. 

No more digging in with your fingers and creating a nice lovely bed for bacteria; no cap will slip through your fingers, bounce on the floor and create a nice big crack for bacteria to sneak through!

One pump gives me sufficient product to spread all over my face and another half pump will go to my neck.
It comes out as a nude color product but after spreading out, it's practically second skin.

Here, I've placed Benefit Porefessional next to it for color comparison as they both are nude color products but is clear upon application.

Sorry about the lighting in the last picture, my camera decided to make me fairer, but nonetheless, after blending it out on my skin, it's practically invisible, but of course, more moisturized and the lines are diminished :) 

After testing it for 3 weeks, here are my thoughts:

The packaging. 'nuff said.
It smells absolutely amazing. Like walking into a florist, it smells like fresh flowers.
Lovely texture that absorbs with no stickiness.
Doesn't clog pores.
87% ingredients of natural origin.
My skins feels absolutely smoother.
My complexion is brighter.
No parabens.
Suitable for ALL skin types.

Cons: Maybe some people will be turned off by the smell. 
The only thing is, I never know which way to twist the nozzle up (which I'm pretty sure it's my inner blonde acting out).

Nuxe Jeunesse can be found exclusively at all Sa Sa Malaysia outlets.

Retail price is RM180 for 50ml.

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