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Cyber Colors Eco Nail Color Swatches and Review

Back in November, I was provided a bunch of polishes by the dearest Ai Peng of  SaSa Malaysia.

Cyber Colors recently (ok, not so recently since this is such a late post) launched their latest range of nail lacquers called the Eco Nail Colors. Why the name you might ask? Here's why!

Cyber Colors Eco Nail Colours are formulated with up to 85% biosourced natural ingredients from plants and non-toxic substances, making it the first eco nail polish to be introduced into the Asian market. Their polishes are 5- free, making it them Toulene, Formaldehyde, DBP, Camphor and Phthalates free! This makes their polishes on par with some of the big boys in the market (Info grabbed from

OK, on with the swatches and reviews!

I received a total of 5 bottles -

  • 1 Eco Oxygen Base Coat
  • 1 Eco Glossy Gel Look
  • 3 Eco Nail Colors in Pearl White (#06), Grape (#38) & Peacock Blue (#51)
Let me start by comparing the brush sizes. 

L-R: Essence Gel Look Top Coat, Cyber Colors Eco Glossy Gel Look, OPI & China Glaze

Whilst OPI is well known for their Pro Wide Brush, some people might not like it as it's too wide for their narrow nail beds. I personally love it as I have fat nail bed, hahaha. I find China Glaze brushes too thin and the Essence brush here was  ok I think, since I've only used this topcoat once. 

Cyber Color's brushes are pretty damn awesome! To get a perfect line on your cuticle, you only have to apply a little pressure so that it fans out it a round shape nicely! The swatches below are all without cleanup, that pretty much shows how awesome the brush is! It's certainly not as wide as the OPI Pro Wide brush which will make it easier for those with smaller nail beds.

Moving on to the swatches!

1 layer of Eco Oxygen Base Coat.

The Eco Oxygen Base Coat is a 5-free formula. It claims to strengthen the nails by increasing the nail keratin cross-links with Urea and Minerals, enriched with Neem Oil, which is an antioxidant and antiseptic (good for those with nail fungus!). It also nourishes the nails with Trace Elements for maximum durability, resiliency and more permeable to oxygen. Mummy, now I can tell you, my nails can breathe with nail polish over it!

The Eco Oxygen Base Coat looks like a nude milky color in the bottle but it really is very transparent. Here I have 1 coat over my bare nails. Please excuse my yellow nails! It dries really fast, when I was done with all my 10 nails, the first hand was dried to the touch! There's only a very slight smell which doesn't bother me as I've tried some really stinky polishes before. 

I have this on as my current basecoat with Grape (#38) over it for over a week, and whilst I can't say that they've strengthen my nails because I am really lucky to have strong nails (Thanks mummy for all the milk feeding, yucky fish oils and yucky veges you've fed me when I was younger!). I however do believe that a good basecoat can help prevent staining (especially when you use reds since red molecules are larger and 'sink' into your nails more easily). 

    3 layers of Pearl White, over 1 layer basecoat and 1 layer of Eco Glossy Gel Look.
    Photo taken in indirect sunlight. 

    To be very honest, I am not a fan of pearly or frosted finishes (think grandma pinks in the 70s!). I was very hesitant to try this color and I questioned Ai Peng when she first gave me this. She mentioned that she specifically chose the colors to each individual blogger and we will definitely like the colors  *insert super skeptical face here*.

    So this was the first color that I tried because I was thinking that I will not hesitate to remove the color once I'm done swatching. Surprise, surprise! I actually liked it!

    The first coat went on really streaky, and whilst the second coat evened most of it out, I am totally against VNL so on went the third coat. I think I didn't give it enough time to dry so there were a wee bit of bubbles on the nails. The Eco Glossy Gel Look helped to even out the lines and remove some of the brushstrokes when it dried and gosh, don't I just love it!

    Just like the name, it was nice and pearly with slight brushstrokes to emulate the pearl finish and it was such a classy white! It actually did make my hand look really fair. I showed it to my mum  and she said the same thing - classy and sophisticated. I think I can get married with this polish on my nails. Maybe some diamantes *plays Wedding March*

    2 layers of Grape, over 1 layer basecoat
    Photo taken in indirect sunlight with increased exposure.

    Sorry about the change in brightness for Grape and Peacock Blue. The sun was setting real quick but the exposure also helped me to bring out the real colors of the polishes. 

    This is a blue-toned dark purple creme.The application for this was perfect. Creamy, pigmented and glossy. 2 coats of perfection.  

     2 layers of Peacock Blue, over 1 layer basecoat
    Photo taken in indirect sunlight with increased exposure.

    This is a gorgeous cornflower blue creme. Same with Grape, this was 2 coats of perfection. It literally applied itself and there was no cleanup needed.

    All the polishes (base, colors and topcoat) all dry super fast and glossy.
    Both colors are without topcoat as it was not necessary at all. (Can you see all the weird shapes on my nails? Those were the reflections from the late afternoon sun.)
    Easily affordable.
    Wide range of colors to suit everyone.

    Are there any, really?

    When I use the Eco Glossy Gel Look topcoat on my Pearl White swatch, I was surprised that it dried really fast, just a couple minutes slower than Seche Vite, which this really upped the bar of my expectations. Let's just hope that it doesn't goes gloopy halfway thru the bottle like how SV always does.

    I use Grape as a full manicure and while tipwear was very quick without topcoat, I can say that it's common of all brands of polishes. I gave it another go with the Eco Glossy Gel Look and after a week, my nails had minimal tipwear.

    Cyber Colors Eco Nail Colors are available in 52 colors, and only exclusively in SaSa Malaysia.

    Cyber Colors Eco Oxygen Base Coat & Glossy Gel Look retails for RM21.90 each while Eco Nail Colors retails for RM19.90 each.

    For more information, please visit SaSa Malaysia or on their social medi links below:

    Till then, toodles~

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